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Dish Network

Headquartered in Englewood, Colorado, EchoStar Communications Corporation is a public company with approximately 21,000 employees. The Company and its subsidiaries deliver Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS) television products and services to customers worldwide.

Throughout its 25-year history, EchoStar has demonstrated its entrepreneurial spirit by achieving significant industry firsts:
First company to offer a satellite receiver for less than $200

• First to develop a UHF remote control
• First to offer an Integrated Receiver Descrambler (IRD) for C-band satellite TV
• First nationwide installation network dedicated solely to satellite TV systems
• First to offer satellite receiver with built-in digital video recording
• First Satellite TV company to offer local channels to local markets in all 50 states
• First to offer an MPEG4 multi-room high definition and digital video recorder satellite receiver

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